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SmartCat The Ultimate 32in Sisal Cat Scratching Post, Gray

SmartCat The Ultimate 32in Sisal Cat Scratching Post, Gray

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SmartCat The Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post, Gray
  • Sturdy 16″ x 16″ base keeps post from tipping and wobbling.
  • 32″ post height allows your cat to stretch vertically while using the post (important for territorial marking purposes and for toning muscles).
  • Fibrous and durable woven sisal naturally inspires scratching and relieves cat’s stress without snagging cats’ nails.
  • Attractive and neutrally toned to fit in with any home decor.
  • Assembles quickly and easily with two included screws.
Reach for the stars (and scratch a little when you get there)! The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post has a 32″ post height that allows cats to get a full stretch, tone their muscles, and mark their territory without clawing walls or curtains. It’s covered in a fibrous woven sisal that won’t snag nails like carpet-covered scratch posts. Specifications
  • Item Number 177942
  • Weight 16 pounds
  • Dimensions 16 x 16 x 32 inches
  • Frame Material Engineered Wood, Wood
  • Cover Material Sisal, Plant Material
  • Lifestage Adult
  • Mount Type Free Standing
  • Assembly Required Yes
  • Tools Included No
  • Recommended Pet Weight up to 30 pounds


  • Place the post in a room where the cat spends a lot of time. Cats often like to stretch and scratch when they wake up from a nap.
  • To introduce the post to your cat try using catnip as a lure. (For most cats a lure is unnecessary, but fun.) Rub catnip onto the sisal material and call the cat over to the post.
  • Scratch your nails along the surface of the material. This will attract the cat and at the same time teach him where to scratch.
  • After your cat begins to scratch, praise him and give him a food treat. (Small kittens can be trained to climb the post by showing them food treats and placing it at the top of the post.
  • If your cat has already been scratching a piece of furniture, place the post directly in front of it.
  • Temporarily cover the previously scratched areas with a few strips of double-sided carpet tape or clear double-sided tape strips that are designed for this purpose. This will help redirect your cat鈥檚 scratching activities to the post.
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